M CAKES is a licensed home-based e-commerce webstore business

specializing in creative custom designed cakes,

owned & operated by cake designer/decorator Megumi "jumbo-m" Suzuki.


"American Cake Decorating Strictly Made in Hokkaido"


Just the Way You Cake It

custom design cakes made to order  ▷▷▷ CAKE COUTURE   just as versatile

We specialize in fondant icing cakes.

Cakes can be transformed into anything you can imagine.


The Quality of Hokkaido Brands

American Cake Decorating strictly made in Hokkaido

All our Sponge cakes are baked from scratch using Hokkaido's finest ingredients.

We deliver the most delectable, appealing, tempting cakes.


anniversary, birthday, celebration...    when you want more than just a cake...

  Order by E-Mail at , Pay by Bank Transfer, & Delivered to Your Door the Day You Pick

  From Otaru, Hokkaido, we deliver most Areas in Japan.

We will use Cool Takkyubin (for frozen) KURONEKO-YAMATO Delivery Service.


The First "as out of the ordinary cake design as possible" Bakery in Japan!!!

Happy and Surorise Mcakes

  Anything you can think of,


We can possibly make into a cake.


There are no limits to what we can do here @ M CAKES.

Праздники - отличный повод поесть сладкого! В связи с этим, сегодня мы хотим познакомить вас с японкой, которая готовит просто удивительные торты, взглянув на которые, вы даже не подумаете, что перед вами кондитерское изделие.

А все потому, что творения этой дамы выполнены в виде самых разнообразных вещей: от фирменной кепки и обуви до автомобиля! Ну и, конечно же, ее коронным блюдом является суши-торт.
Если вам стало интересно, то на веб-сайте вы можете ознакомиться с ее кулинарнми шедеврами.


Anime Cake!  Manga Cake!  Game Cake!

We can make modern Japan Pop Culture Cakes.