With Fondant, Your Party Cake Can Be Just As Versatile! 



fondant: A powdered sugar based confection that covers the outside of the cake.
Edible Food coloring and flavor extracts are added. 
Fondant covered cakes almost always have a cream layer of icing under the fondant, also.
Fondant is rolled out (like pie dough), placed on the cake and rubbed smooth into place.
It's like working with playdoh, only it's very edible.
You can roll it out and cut it, imprint designs, create dazzling color effects and form it into just about 
any shape.


Fondant tastes sort of marshmallows - it’s very sweet!

Some people really like the taste, and those who don’t generally peel it off.


our signature  SPONGE CAKES


All of my cakes are made entirely from scratch using the finest, all-natural ingredients
producing in Hokkaido including Hokkaido wheat, unsalted butter,  eggs.

No mixes.  No artificial ingredients.  No preservatives.  No short cuts.

(for Red Velvet, Pink Velvet Cake, and Pop color, we use Wilton Food Colors)

Each and every cake is carefully mixed and baked by hand to create the finest cake you have ever tasted.


Available with your choice of:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Green Tea, Pop color


Vanilla Cake

This Cake has moist and buttery layers that are filled and frosted with a cheese cream frosting and black currant puree.


Chocolate Cake

Chocoholics BEWARE!!!  One bite of this one & you will be hooked for life!

Chocolate layer sponge cake with chocolate cream filling.


Red Velvet Cake

A rich chocolate red velvet cake layered and topped in an original cheese cream frosting.

The Best Red Velvet Cake in Japan!


Pink Velvet Cake


Green Tea Cake


Pop Cake


All our signature Cakes include Hokkaido pruduced flour,  fresh eggs, and unsalted butter, giving it a richer, heavier taste.

Our Cakes are baked upon your order, thus guaranteeing their freshness and quality at their best.